Our Mission

According to UNESCO, 1 in 10 girls in Sub-Saharan Africa don’t attend school during the period contributing to high female dropout rates. Wamina provides sustainable menstrual products and sexual and reproductive health education that help keep girls in school.


Buy One, Give One

We are not an NGO or a Charity. Wamina is a small business with great social and environmental impact. We believe all girls deserve access to sustainable menstrual products to manage the period hygienically, even if they cannot afford them.

To achieve our vision, every time YOU BUY a Wamina product, WE GIVE a Wamina Pad Kit through our local partners to a girl who also receives complimentary sexual education, equipping her to make healthy choices about her body and future.


Our Impact

At Wamina we believe that all girls deserve access to sustainable menstrual products to manage their period hygienically and with dignity. And that complementary sexual education equips young people (especially girls) to make healthy choices about their bodies and their future.


Reusable Menstrual Pads

35 000 Wamina Reusable Pads distributed

Girls Benefited

11 000 girls received Wamina Menstrual Kits

Sex Ed Workshops

6 000 students attended comprehensive Sexual Education workshops


From the Founder

While on a project in rural Mozambique I had trouble managing my period. I could not find clean bathrooms with a simple rubbish bin. To dampen my frustration all I thought was “it’s ok, it’s just a couple of days” that quickly led to “how do girls deal with this every month, year after year!”. When I got back to Maputo, I started a research project on the Period covering Menstrual Care, Cultural Taboos, and School Facilities. After 1500 interviews, I founded Wamina, a social enterprise that provides menstrual products and sexual education taking into consideration girls’ rights and needs while acknowledging their socioeconomic environment.



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I am extremely proud of the projects I shared with Wamina and I know that we have changed many girls’ lives forever.

Sharon Mahony


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